Tandavam, Dance of Shiva


Organizer: Lalabagan Nabankur

Theme: Tandavam, Dance of Shiva

In Hinduism it is believed that the creation, sustenance and dissolution of the creation is nothing but the divine dance of Shiva. In Saiva Siddhanta tradition Shiva is the lord of dance, Nataraja. When the Nataraja is dancing for creation the toe of his left leg remain upright and when he is dancing for destruction the toe of his left leg stays down. The Tāṇḍavam takes its name from Tandu (taṇḍu), the attendant of Shiva, who instructed Bharata (author of the Natya Shastra) in the use of various modes of the Tandava at Shiva's order. The classical arts of dance, music and song may derive from the mudras and rituals of Shaiva tradition. Shiva has different incarnations or avataras such as Bhutnath, Baijunath, they are called vairavas. Here we also have depicted them in the pandal along with Nataraja.